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–Or consult the .csv version of the catalogue for a basic listing.

–One book, “How to Read Chinese Poetry” comes with accompanying sound files.

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72d209ef98209a05139afb4fe4057580 Share e book a Mini Library of Poetry eBooks cost free download List of eBooks

A Mini Library of Poetry in English v0.8 Complete Catalogue.epub (3.11 MB)
A Mini Library of Poetry in English v0.8 CSV Catalogue.csv (18.90 KB)
A Mini Library of Poetry in English v0.8.txt (34.67 KB)
Achebe, Chinua – Collected Poems.pdf (350.70 KB)
Adonis – Pages of Day and Night, The.pdf (2.04 MB)
Agamben, Giorgio – End of the Poem, The.pdf (711.50 KB)
Agustini, Delmira – Poetics of Eros Selected Poetry.pdf (701.18 KB)
Aiken, Conrad – Selected Poems.pdf (15.17 MB)
Akhmatova, Anna – Three Long Poems (trans Anderson).pdf (1.09 MB)
Albiach, Anne Marie – Two Poems Flammigere and the Line the Loss.pdf (110.34 KB)
Ali, Kazim – Bright Felon.pdf (636.82 KB)
Amichai, Yehuda – Selected (7.90 MB)
Amichai, Yehuda – Selected Poems.pdf (815.32 KB)
Annamayya – God on the Hill.pdf (1.23 MB)
Antin, David – I Never Knew What Time it Was.pdf (470.15 KB)
Apollinaire – Calligrammes [hi res].pdf (119.30 MB)
Armantrout, Rae – Versed.pdf (1.04 MB)
Armitage, Simon – Euripides’ Mister Heracles.pdf (1.59 MB)
Armitage, Simon – Seeing Stars.epub (1.62 MB)
Armitage, Simon – Seeing (399.93 KB)
Ashbery, John – Selected Poems.pdf (18.97 MB)
Ashbery, John – Tennis Court Oath, The.pdf (1.41 MB)
Ashbery, John – Three Poems.epub (75.37 KB)
Ashbery, John – Three (123.36 KB)
Ashbery, John – Where Shall I Wander.pdf (479.60 KB)
Ashbery, John – Worldly Country, A.pdf (509.17 KB)
Atkinson, Colette Labouf – Mean.pdf (262.55 KB)
Auden, WH – Dyer’s Hand and Other Essays, The.pdf (15.33 MB)
Auden, WH – Selected Poems.pdf (4.90 MB)
Bahauddin (trans Coleman Barks & John Moyne) – Drowned Book, The.pdf (691.61 KB)
Balakian, Peter – Ziggurat.pdf (405.83 KB)
Bandeira, Manuel – This Earth That Sky.pdf (26.53 MB)
Barnstone, Tony – Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry The Full 3000 Year Tradition, The.epub (2.43 MB)
Barnstone, Willis – Ancient Greek Lyrics.pdf (6.83 MB)
Barnstone, Willis – We Jews and Blacks Memoir With Poems.pdf (3.63 MB)
Basho, Matsuo – Selected Poems.pdf (762.77 KB)
Bedient, Calvin – Candy Necklace.epub (139.48 KB)
Bedient, Calvin – Candy (272.61 KB)
Benedict, Elinor – All That Divides Us.pdf (291.03 KB)
Bernes, Jasper – Starsdown.pdf (792.00 KB)
Bernstein, Charles & others – Close Listening.pdf (26.90 MB)
Bernstein, Charles – Girly Man.pdf (805.51 KB)
Bernstein, Charles – My Way Speeches and Poems.pdf (11.20 MB)
Berrigan, Ted – Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan, The.pdf (1.00 MB)
Berryman, John – 77 Dream Songs.pdf (288.79 KB)
Blaser, Robin – Holy Forest_ Collected Poems, The.epub (28.80 MB)
Blaser, Robin – Holy Forest_ Collected Poems, (48.02 MB)
Bly, Robert – Eating the Honey of Words.pdf (727.94 KB)
Bly, Robert – Morning Poems.pdf (502.05 KB)
Bly, Robert – Winged Energy of Delight, Selected Translations, The.pdf (1.01 MB)
Bogen, Don – Algebra, An.pdf (605.88 KB)
Boileau, Nicholas – Selected Poems.pdf (217.86 KB)
Bok, Christian – Eunoia.pdf (1.51 MB)
Bradley, Anthony (ed) – Contemporary Irish Poetry An Anthology.pdf (47.88 MB)
Brathwaite, Kamau – Elegguas.pdf (2.38 MB)
Brock, Broido, Lucie – Trouble in Mind.pdf (241.42 KB)
Brodsky, Joseph – Selected Poetry (1974).pdf (1.75 MB)
Bronner, Yigal – Extreme Poetry Simultaneous Narration in South Asian Poetry.pdf (4.34 MB)
Broome & Chesters (eds) – Anthology of Modern French Poetry 1850 to 1950, An.pdf (4.51 MB)
Bukowski, Charles – Burning in Water Drowning in Flame.pdf (577.79 KB)
Burt, Stephen – Randall Jarrell and His Age.pdf (1.38 MB)
Byron, Lord – Byron Selection by Paul Muldoon, A.epub (144.18 KB)
Byron, Lord – Byron Selection by Paul Muldoon, (301.80 KB)
Caddel & Quartermain (eds) – Other British and Irish poetry since 1970.epub (612.44 KB)
Cai, Zong-Qi – how to read chinese poetry – sound files to go with book
Cai, Zong-Qi – How to Read Chinese Poetry A Guided Anthology.pdf (2.40 MB)
Caiero, Alberto (Pessoa) – Complete Poems.pdf (435.12 KB)
Camara, Sirifo – Epic of Kelefaa Saane (African Epic), The.pdf (1.17 MB)
Camoes, Luis de – Collected Lyric Poems.pdf (1.62 MB)
Camoes, Luis de – Selected Sonnets.pdf (680.35 KB)
Campion, Peter – Lions, The.pdf (216.88 KB)
Campos, Haroldo de – Novas, Selected Writings.pdf (1.16 MB)
Capildeo, Vahni – Undraining Sea.pdf (208.95 KB)
Carson, Anne & Sappho – If Not, Winter.pdf (976.65 KB)
Carson, Anne – Decreation.pdf (7.78 MB)
Carson, Anne – Electra.pdf (3.74 MB)
Catullus – Poems of Catullus trans Peter Wigham, The.pdf (28.67 MB)
Catullus – Poems, trans Peter Green.pdf (4.82 MB)
Cavafy, CP – Collected Poems trans Evangelos Sachperoglou, The.pdf (4.94 MB)
Caws, Mary Ann (ed) – Yale Anthology of 20th century French Poetry, The.pdf (1.49 MB)
Celan, Paul – Selected Poems, trans Michael Hamburger.pdf (1.43 MB)
Chaucer, Geoffrey – Canterbury Tales, retold by Peter Ackroyd.epub (370.37 KB)
Chaucer, Geoffrey – Canterbury Tales, retold by Peter (537.11 KB)
Clark, Heather – Ulster Renaissance Poetry in Belfast 1962-1972, The.pdf (2.38 MB)
Cohen, Leonard – Energy of Slaves.pdf (271.76 KB)
Cohen, Leonard – Spice Box of Earth, The.pdf (379.52 KB)
Cole, Peter – Dream of the Poem, The.pdf (1.72 MB)
Crane, Hart – Collected Poems.pdf (3.27 MB)
Crawford, Robert (ed) – Contemporary Poetry and Contemporary Science.pdf (1.32 MB)
Creeley, Robert – Collected Poems 1945 to 1975.pdf (38.65 MB)
Creeley, Robert – For Love.pdf (6.21 MB)
Cummings, E.E.

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