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Share ebook E book Selection for Aspiring Hackers free downloads

 Share ebook E book Selection for Aspiring Hackers free downloads

eBook Collection for Aspiring Hackers

English | PDF | Large Books Collection | 1.74 GB
Genre: Security Related, Programming, Hacking

eBook List:

Comp-Arch & OS/Computer Architechture.pdf (5.57 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Computer Hardware Main Components.pdf (608.07 KB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Computer Organisation & Fundementals.pdf (2.02 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Computer Systems – A Programmers Perspective.pdf (6.75 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Embedded Hardware.pdf (10.30 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/How Computers Work (8th Edition).pdf (39.00 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Operatin System Internals and Design Principles.pdf (14.49 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/Operating System Concepts.pdf (40.63 MB)

Comp-Arch & OS/The Indispensable PC Hardware Book – Third Edition.pdf (29.67 MB)

Linux_Unix/Advanced Bash Scripting – Mendel Cooper.pdf (2.60 MB)

Linux_Unix/Classic Shell Scripting.pdf (7.67 MB)

Linux_Unix/Essential System Administration.pdf (9.96 MB)

Linux_Unix/Learning the bash Shell – Unix Shell Programming.pdf (1.63 MB)

Linux_Unix/Linux – The Complete Reference.pdf (8.91 MB)

Linux_Unix/Linux Bible.pdf (10.73 MB)

Linux_Unix/Linux Command line & Shell Scripting Bible.pdf (14.37 MB)

Linux_Unix/Sed & Awk.pdf (2.25 MB)

Linux_Unix/The Design of Unix Operating System.pdf (103.95 MB)

Linux_Unix/The Linux Command Line – A Complete Introduction.pdf (5.93 MB)

Linux_Unix/Understanding Linux Kernel.pdf (5.35 MB)

Linux_Unix/Understanding Linux Network Internals.pdf (11.49 MB)

Linux_Unix/UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook (4th Edition).pdf (16.07 MB)

Linux_Unix/Unix Power Tools.pdf (8.40 MB)

Networking/Computer Networking – A Top-Down Approach.pdf (8.30 MB)

Networking/Data Communications and Networking By Behrouz A.Forouzan.pdf (10.84 MB)

Networking/Internetworking with TCP_IP Vol I.pdf (36.97 MB)

Networking/Mobile Communciations by Jochen Schiller.pdf (18.19 MB)

Networking/TCP-IP Illustrated Vol.3.pdf (40.02 MB)

Programming/64 Bit Intel Assembly Language Programming for Linux.pdf (4.89 MB)

Programming/Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment.pdf (8.51 MB)

Programming/Alfred V.

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E-book Cryptography & Network Security (Special Indian Edition)

 E book Cryptography & Network Security (Special Indian Edition)

Cryptography &amp Network Protection (Special Indian Version) By Behrouz Forouzan

Publisher: Tata Mc[Gra]w-H[il]l 2007 | 737 Pages | ISBN: 0070660468 | PDF | 49 MB

A textbook for novices in security.

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Book Cryptography and Network Security

 Book Cryptography and Network Security

Behrouz Forouzan, “Cryptography and Network Security”

M..w H..l (4-2007) | PDF | 721 pages | ISBN: 0071263616 | 41.8Mb

In this new first edition, well-known author Behrouz Forouzan uses his accessible writing style and visual approach to simplify the difficult concepts of cryptography and network security.

Forouzan presents difficult security topics from the ground up.

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