E-book Collection of 130 books on criminology free online

 E book Collection of 130 books on criminology free online

Collection of 130 books on criminology

130 PDF Books | 695 mb

Criminology is the scientific study of the nature, extent, causes, and control of criminal behavior in both the individual and in society. Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in the behavioral sciences, drawing especially upon the research of sociologists (particularly in the sociology of deviance), psychologists and psychiatrists, social anthropologists as well as on writings in law.

21st Century Criminology – A Reference Handbook (2009) – J. Miller.pdf

A Sniper in the Tower – The Charles Whitman Murders (1997) – Gary Lavergne.pdf

Adventures in Criminology (1999) – Leon Radzinowicz.pdf

American Mafia – A History of its Rise to Power (2004) – Thomas Reppetto.pdf

Amerithrax – The Hunt for the Anthrax Killer (2003) – Robert Graysmith.pdf

Brutal – The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob (2006) – Kevin Weeks et al.pdf

Child Abuse Gender and Society (2008) – Jackie Turton.pdf

Child Pornography and Sexual Grooming – Legal and Societal Responses (2009) – Suzanne Ost.pdf

Child Sexual Abuse – Issues and Challenges (2008) – Megan Smith (Ed).pdf

Child Sexual Abuse – Its Scope and Our Failure (2002) – Rebecca Bolen.pdf

Child Sexual Abuse – Pitfalls in the Substantiation Process (2009) – Anna Aprile et al.pdf

Childhood Victimization – Violence Crime and Abuse in the Lives of Young People (2008) – David Finkelhor.pdf

Children and Violence – The World of the Defenceless (2008) – Einar Helander.pdf

Contemporary Gangs – An Organizational Analysis (2002) – Deborah Weisel.pdf

Corporate Fraud – A Manager’s Journey (2007) – K. Pickett.pdf

Creating Cultural Monsters – Serial Murder in America (2011) – Julie Wiest.pdf

Crime in the Art and Antiquities World – Illegal Trafficking in Cultural Property (2011) – Stefano Manacorda et al.pdf

Crime War and Global Trafficking – Designing International Cooperation (2009) – Christine Jojarth.pdf

Crimes and Trials of the Century – From the Black Sox Scandal to the Attica Prison Riots (2007) – Steven Chermak et al (Ed).pdf

Criminal Evidence (2009) – Jefferson Ingram.pdf

Criminal Investigative Failures (2009) – D. Rossmo.pdf

Criminal Justice – An Introduction to Philosophies Theories and Practice (2004) – Ian Marsh et al.pdf

Criminology – Explaining Crime and Its Context (2010) – Stephen Brown et al.pdf

Criminology – The Core (2011) – Larry Siegel.pdf

Criminology (2006) – James Treadwell.pdf

Criminology (2012) – Larry Siegel.pdf

Criminology Goes to the Movies – Crime Theory and Popular Culture (2011) – Nicole Rafter et al.pdf

Criminology Research Focus (2007) – Karen Froeling.pdf

Dark Truths – Modern Theories of Serial Murder (2004) – Christopher Kurtz et al.pdf

Deadly Cults – The Crimes of True Believers (2003) – Robert Snow.pdf

Die my Love – A True Story of Revenge Murder and Two Texas Sisters (2007) – Kathryn Casey.pdf

Disability and Child Sexual Abuse (2010) – Martina Higgins et al (Ed).pdf

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 01 – Joshua Dressler (Ed).pdf

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 02 – Joshua Dressler (Ed).pdf

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 03 – Joshua Dressler (Ed).pdf

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 04 – Joshua Dressler (Ed).pdf

Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence (2 vols) (2008) – Claire Renzetti et al.pdf

Encyclopedia of Organized Crime (2005) – Carlo Devito.pdf

Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime 2 Vols (2005) – L. Salinger (Ed).pdf

Explaining Crime – A Primer in Criminological Theory (2010) – Hugh Barlow et al.pdf

Family Secrets – The Case that crippled the Chicago Mob (2009) – Jeff Coen.pdf

Firearms and Violence – A Critical Review (2004) – (National Academy Press).pdf

Forensic Science in Court – Challenges in the 21st Century (2011) – Donald Shelton.pdf

Fraud and Corruption – Prevention and Detection (2006) – Nigel Iyer et al.pdf

Gaspipe – Confessions of a Mafia Boss (2008) – Philip Carlo.pdf

Global Organized Crime – A Reference Handbook (2010) – Mitchel Roth.pdf

Greed is Good – Maximization and Elite Deviance in America (2009) – Matthew Robinson et al.pdf

Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention (2004) – Lawrence Fennelly.pdf

Handbook of Quantitative Criminology (2011) – Alex Piquero et al.pdf

Handbook on Crime and Deviance (2011) – Marvin Krohn et al.pdf

History Of Greed – Financial Fraud from Tulip Mania to Bernie Madoff (2010) – David Sarna.pdf

In the Crosshairs – Famous Assassinations and Attempts From Julius Caesar to John Lennon (2003) – S. Spignesi.pdf

Inside the Minds of Healthcare Serial Killers – Why They Kill (2007) – Katherine Ramsland.pdf

Inside the Minds of Serial Killers – Why They Kill (2006) – Katherine Ramsland.pdf

Inside the Minds of Sexual Offenders – Predatory Rapists Pedophiles and Criminal Profiles (2001) – Dennis Stevens.pdf

Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators (2010) – Katherine Ramsland et al.pdf

Internal Combustion – The True Story of a Marriage and a Murder in the Motor City (2006) – Joyce Maynard.pdf

International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders (2011) – Douglas Boer et al.pdf

Internet Child Abuse – Current Research and Policy (2011) – Julia Davidson et al (Ed).pdf

Jack The Ripper – An Encyclopedia (2001) – John Eddleston.pdf

Judgment Ridge – The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders (2003) – Mitchell Zuckoff et al.pdf

Justice Denied – What America Must Do to Protect its Children (2008) – Marci Hamilton.pdf

Juvenile Sexual Offending – Causes Consequences and Correction (2010) – Gail Ryan et al.pdf

Key Ideas in Criminology – Penal Populism (2007) – John Pratt.pdf

Key Ideas in Criminology – Rehabilitation (2007) – Tony Ward et al.pdf

Killing For Sport – Inside the Minds of Serial Killers (2003) – Pat Brown.pdf

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (2011) – Joe Karaganis.pdf

Mental Disorder and Criminal Law – Responsibility Punishment and Competence (2009) – Robert Schopp et al.pdf

No Price Too High – Victimless Crimes and the Ninth Amendment (2003) – Robert Hardaway.pdf

Organized Crime (2010) – Howard Abadinsky.pdf

Organized Crime In Our Times (2007) – Jay Albanese.pdf

Paddy whacked – The untold story of the Irish American Gangster (2005) – T. J. English.pdf

Policing Gangs in America – Charles Katz et al.pdf

Portrait Of A Killer Jack The Ripper Case Closed (2002) – Patricia Cornwell.pdf

Practical Handbook for Private Investigators (2001) – Rory McMahon.pdf

Predators and Child Molesters – What every Parent needs to know to keep Kids Safe (2009) – Robin Sax.pdf

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – A National Resource Directory and Handbook (2000) – NSVRC.pdf

Programmed to Kill – The Politics of Serial Murder (2004) – David McGowan.pdf

Protecting Society from Sexually Dangerous Offenders – Law Justice and Therapy (2003) – Bruce Winick et al (Ed).pdf

Rape (2000) – Thornhill et al.pdf

Sadistic Killers – Profiles of Pathological Predators (2007) – Carol Anne Davis.pdf

Serial Killer Investigations (2007) – Colin Wilson.pdf

Serial Killers – The Method and Madness of Monsters (2004) – Peter Vronsky.pdf

Serial Offenders – Current Thought Recent Findings (2000) – Louis Schlesinger.pdf

Serial Violence – Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of Killers (2008) – R. Keppel et al.pdf

Sex Fiends Perverts and Pedophiles – Understanding Sex Crime Policy in America (2011) – Chrysanthi Leon.pdf

Sex Offenders and the Internet (2007) – Kerry Sheldon et al.pdf

Sexual Abuse of Young Children in Southern Africa (2004) – Linda Richter et al.pdf

Sexual Crime – A Reference Handbook (2010) – Caryn Neumann.pdf

Street Justice – Retaliation in the Criminal Underworld (2006) – Richard Wright.pdf

Supreme Court Drama – Cases That Changed America 01 – Daniel Brennan et al.pdf

Supreme Court Drama – Cases That Changed America 03 – Daniel Brennan et al.pdf

Supreme Court Drama – Cases That Changed America 04 – Daniel Brennan et al.pdf

The Black Hand – The Bloody Rise and Redemption of ‘Boxer’ Enriquez a Mexican Mob Killer (2008) – Chris Blatchford.pdf

The Blackwell Companion To Criminology (2004) – Colin Sumner (Ed).pdf

The Bundy Murders – A Comprehensive History (2009) – Kevin Sullivan.pdf

The Cocaine War in Context – Drugs and Politics (2004) – B. Boville.pdf

The Criminal Career – The Danish Longitudinal Study (2004) – Britta Kyvsgaard.pdf

The Devil’s Dozen – How Cutting Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial Killers (2009) – Katherine Ramsland.pdf

The Economics of Crime – An introduction to rational Crime Analysis (2008) – Harold Winter.pdf

The Elements of Murder – A History of Poison (2005) – John Emsley.pdf

The Encyclopedia of American Crime (2001) – Carl Sifakis.pdf

The Encyclopedia of Kidnappings (2002) – Michael Newton.pdf

The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes (2004) – Michael Newton.pdf

The Florida-Hollywood Mob Connection The CIA and O. J. Simpson (1995) – Alex Constantine.pdf

The Gardner Heist – The True Story of the World’s Largest Unsolved Art Theft (2008) – Ulrich Boser.pdf

The Heart of Intimate Abuse – New Interventions in Child Welfare Criminal Justice and Health Settings (1998) – Linda Mills.pdf

The Informant – The FBI the Ku Klux Klan and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo (2005) – Gary May.pdf

The Killer Book of True Crime – Stories Facts and Trivia (2007) – Tom Philbin et al.pdf

The Killing Season – A Summer Inside an LAPD Homicide Division (1997) – Miles Corwin.pdf

The Measurement of Crime -Victim Reporting and Police Recording (2006) – Shannan Catalano.pdf

The Road to Revolution – The Complete & Authorized Unabomber (2008) – Theodore Kaczynski.pdf

The Sage Dictionary of Criminology (2001) – Eugene McLaughlin et al (Ed).pdf

The Serial Killer Files (2003) – Harold Schechter.pdf

The Truth about Abuse (2005) – Mark Kittleson et al.pdf

Theories of Crime (2006) – Ian Marsh et al.pdf

Transnational Threats – Smuggling and Trafficking in Arms Drugs and Human Life (2007) – Kimberley Thachuk.pdf

Underbelly – Australia’s Golden Mile (2010) – John Silvester.pdf

Understanding and Addressing Adult Sexual Attraction to Children – A Study of Paedophiles in Contemporary Society (2010) – Sarah Goode.pdf

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse (2006) – E. Rowan.pdf

Virtual Worlds and Criminality (2011) – Kai Cornelius et al.pdf

War On Crime – Bandits G-men and the Politics of Mass Culture (1998) – C. B. Potter.pdf

What Is Sexual Harassment – From Capitol Hill to the Sorbonne (2003) – Abigail Saguy.pdf

White Collar Crime – An Opportunity Perspective (2009) – Michael Benson et al.pdf

Why Kids Kill – Inside the Minds of School Shooters (2009) – Peter Langman.pdf

Working With Female Offenders – A Gender-Sensitive Approach (2010) – Katherine Van Wormer.pdf

Would You Convict – Seventeen Cases That Challenged the Law (1999) – Paul Robinson.pdf

Yakuza – Japan’s criminal Underworld (2003) – D. Kaplan et al.pdf

You Be the Judge – 20 True Crimes and Cases to Solve (2008) – Norbert Ehrenfreund.pdf

Zodiac Unmasked – The Identity of America’s most Elusive Serial Killer Revealed (2002) – Robert Graysmith.pdf

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