Richard Stark – Flashfire

Richard Stark – Flashfire
Publisher: Mysterious Press (November 2000) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 0892967102 | EPUB MOBI | 304 pages | 308 kb 342 kb
If there was a Mohs’ scale for the hardness of hard-boiled crime novels, it might be aptly named for Richard Stark. His character, Parker, is just about the coldest, hardest, most resolute professional thief in print today. Some of Parker’s actions and calculations are purely chilling. So it’s especially ironic, or better, remarkable, that Stark is actually Donald E. Westlake, who is better known for the comic capers of his star-crossed crook, Dortmunder. Here the flint-hard Parker has joined three other pros in robbing a midwestern bank. As soon as they make their getaway, the trio invites Parker to join them in a really big score$12 million in diamonds from a Palm Beach mansion. Parker opts out, even after they explain that they need his share of the bank robbery as seed money. Righteously angry at being stiffed, Parker resolves to steal the Palm Beach haul from them. Needing his own seed money, Parker stages a series of carefully wrought but violent and brazen robberies. But an accident of poor timingthe kind of unforeseeable accident that usually forces Dortmunder to steal the same thing three timesputs Parker in the gunsights of professional hitmen and threatens his efforts to get more than even with his onetime partners. Diamond-hard crime fiction.

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