Curing with Cayenne

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IF YOU ONLY MASTER ONE HERB IN YOUR LIFE MASTER CAYENNE PEPPERS.Cayenne pepper has gained its prominence do to its long cultivation and early introduction to Europeans. Cayenne pepper plants were being grown by NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS, in South and Central America for thousands of years.Cayenne pepper takes its name from its supposed centre of origin – the Cayenne region of French Guiana, Cayenne deriving from a Tupi Indian name. It is now grown largely in India, East Africa, Mexico and the United States, in fact most tropical and sub-tropical regions.Chiles originated in South America, where they have been under cultivation since prehistoric times.
The seed’s long viability facilitated the rapid spread of the plant throughout the tropics and sub-tropics by the Spanish and Portuguese, the spice becoming as popular there as vine pepper. Chiles were long known as ‘Indian’ pepper – meaning ‘of the New World’ rather than ‘of India’. Despite its specific name, and the supposed use of special chiles for it, there is little to distinguish cayenne from ordinary pure chilli powder, except that commercial ‘chilli powder’ usually contains other spices such as garlic or cumin, and is rougher in texture.
Medical Herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze will teach you how to do more curing with cayenne and its herbal partners than you could with hundreds of regular herbs.
You may know cayenne, but you dont know what DOSES to use, what FORM (powder, liquid, tea or oil) of the herb is best for using it to cure you of life-threatening diseases.
Learn how to use cayenne alone and with its herbal partners to blast BLOOD AND NUTRIENTS into sick organs. Watch this video tape and learn how to save lives with Cayenne, after all other healing methods have failed.

When life is on the line, and time is against you, learn how to use cayenne pepper, the most powerful blood-moving herb on the planet. Sam Biser (author of The Laymans Course on Curing Last-Stage Diseases)
Heat is the healing power of the sun trapped inside the fruit of cayenne. Cayenne is not an irritant. It is considered a counter-irritant. By bringing blood, it can cure tissues which are inflamed and sensitive. Using Cayenne Pepper As A Natural Remedy!
While most people just think that Cayenne Pepper is used to spice up some food, you might not know that this spicy little treat is actually a fantastic home remedy for many different things.
The great thing everyone usually has Cayenne Pepper in their home, so it is very easy to keep around. Cayenne Pepper is something that can be used as a natural remedy for cuts.
Whenever you get a cut, if you sprinkle some Cayenne Pepper on it, you will not only stop the bleeding immediately, but it will actually ease the pain as well.
NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS knew that something so spicy could really turn out to be something that helps your cuts AND COUNTLESS HEALINGS!
Cayenne does sting, but after the sting comes the cure.
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