Water and Wastewater Engineering

Mackenzie Davis, “Water and Wastewater Engineering”
Mc.Gr aw-H ill Profe ssional | 2010 | ISBN: 0071713840 | 1296 pages | File type: PDF | 12,6 mb

An In-Depth Guide to Water and Wastewater Engineering

This authoritative volume offers comprehensive coverage of the design and construction of municipal water and wastewater facilities. The book addresses water treatment in detail, following the flow of water through the unit processes and coagulation, flocculation, softening, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and residuals management. Each stage of wastewater treatmentpreliminary, secondary, and tertiaryis examined along with residuals management.

Water and Wastewater Engineering contains more than 100 example problems, 500 end-of-chapter problems, and 300 illustrations. Safety issues and operation and maintenance procedures are also discussed in this definitive resource.

Coverage includes:
Intake structures and wells
Chemical handling and storage
Coagulation and flocculation
Lime-soda and ion exchange softening
Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
Granular and membrane filtration
Disinfection and fluoridation
Removal of specific constituents
Drinking water plant residuals management, process selection, and integration
Storage and distribution systems
Wastewater collection and treatment design considerations
Sanitary sewer design
Headworks and preliminary treatment
Primary treatment
Wastewater microbiology
Secondary treatment by suspended and attached growth biological processes
Secondary settling, disinfection, and postaeration
Tertiary treatment
Wastewater plant residuals management
Clean water plant process selection and integration
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