Text Book Of Microbiology

P.C. Trivedi, “Text Book Of Microbiology”
Aavishkar Publisher Distributors | 2010 | ISBN: 8179103064 | 457 pages | File type: PDF | 19,6 mb

Micro-organisms are the oldest inhabitants of earth. They are masters in versality
and adaptability to the changing environment. They will definitely prove to be most cost-
effective partners in our efforts for sustainable development. The microorganisms influence
the man in several ways. The diversity of their activities varies from causing diseases
in human and other animals and plants to the production of various useful products.
Microbes have a very significant role in the era of biotechnology and hence microbiology
has today come forth as one of the most demanding subject in the science stream of
graduate and post graduate courses.
The contents of the present book have been divided into 17 chapters covering basic
studies of microorganisms excluding their application part. Book covers detailed information
on history of microbiology, evolution of microorganisms, classification, Nomenclature and
latest information of Bergey’s manual. Chapter covers information about structure,
metabolism reproduction, function and diseases caused by Bacteria, Viruses, Bacterial
viruses, Plant viruses, Animal viruses, Archaea, Mycoplasma and Phytoplasma. General
account of cyanobacteria including their nutrition and reproduction have been given. Book
provides detailed information about Gram negative and Gram positive Bacteria and
Eukaryotes viz. Algae and fungi.
At end of book appendix and various types of questions have been given for the
benefit of students. A concise account of microorganisms is given in the text book, so
as to make the students aware of the nature and other important aspects of the
Present book is a compilation of information on microbiology done in a manner
so as to meet the need of students of microbiology of the Indian Universities. A large
number of standard books on the subjects and research journals have been consulted.
Grateful thanks are due to the authors, editors and publishers of these books and journals.
Although we have tried our best to supply correct and latest information in this book,
errors or omissions might have crept in. We shall welcome comments suggestions and
constructive criticism for future guidance and improvements.
We are specially indebted to Mr. Akshay Jain, Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors,
Jaipur for his keen interest in bringing out the book in a nice form.
Jaipur P.e. Trivedi
Sonali Pandey
Seema Bhadauria

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