Pointers on C

Pointers on C By Kenneth Reek
Publisher: Ad.dis.on We.sle.y 1997 | 636 Pages | ISBN: 0673999866 | File type: PDF | 106 mb

Why An additional C Book?
You will find numerous very good C books on the market; why do we require an additional? In my ten years of teaching a college-level course on C programming, I have yet to discover a book that covers pointers the way I would like. Many books cover pointers in a single chapter dedicated to the topic, frequently late in the book.
It isn’t sufficient to describe the syntax of pointers and show only uncomplicated examples of their use. I discuss pointers early and frequently. I describe their efficient use in numerous contexts and show programming idioms in which they appear. I discuss related complications of program efficiency versus maintainability. Pointers are a thread that’s woven throughout this book. Why are pointers so essential? My belief is that pointers are what gives C its power. Pointers permit the C programmer to implement numerous tasks far more efficiently than is possible in other languages, and to perform some tasks, like accessing the hardware directly, which are impossible in other languages. A thorough knowledge of pointers, then, is a prerequisite to becoming a very good C programmer.
Nevertheless, the power of pointers comes with a price. You are able to cut wood quicker with a chain saw than with a nail file, but the chain saw can injure you a fantastic deal far more seriously, and far more rapidly. Pointers are like the chain saw. Utilized correctly, they can simplify the implementation of an algorithm also as make it far more efficient. Utilized incorrectly, they might be the trigger of errors that exhibit subtle and confusing symptoms and are thus extremely hard to discover. An incomplete understanding of pointers is dangerous because it invariably leads to pain rather than pleasure. This book gives you the depth of knowledge in pointers that you require to steer clear of the pain.

Why Discover C?
Why is the C language still so well-liked? Historically, business has embraced C for numerous reasons. Among these are its efficiency; very good C programs might be nearly as efficient as assembly language programs, but they’re considerably simpler to develop. C gives programmers far more control over where information is stored and how it’s initialized than numerous languages do. C’s lack of “safety net” features also contributes to its efficiency, but increases the likelihood of errors. For instance, subscripts to arrays and accesses by way of pointers aren’t checked for validity, which saves time but makes it a lot far more essential that these features be utilized correctly. If the language is utilized with discipline, the possible complications might be avoided.
The rich collection of operators supplied in C give the programmer power to efficiently perform low-level computations, like shifting and masking, with out resorting to assembly language. This capability has prompted numerous to characterize C as being a “high-level” assembly language. Nevertheless, when required, C programs can interface effortlessly with assembly language. These characteristics make C a very good choice for implementing operating systems and software for embedded controllers.
An additional reason for its popularity is its ubiquity. C compilers are widely accessible for a fantastic number of machines. Additionally, the ANSI Standard improves the portability of C programs among numerous machines.
Finally, C is the foundation upon which C is built. C supplies a numerous view of program design and implementation than C. Nevertheless, a thorough knowledge of C abilities and techniques, like using pointers plus the standard library, will also be helpful for the C programmer.

Who Will need to Use this Book?
This book isn’t an introductory text on programming. It’s intended for people today who already have some programming encounter and wish to discover C with out being held back by discussions of why loops are essential or when to use an if statement.
On the other hand, I assume that the reader has Follow Rules!

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