Foundations of Modern Cosmology

John F. Hawley, Katherine A. Holcomb, “Foundations of Modern Cosmology”
O-d University Press, USA | 2005 | ISBN: 019853096X | 568 pages | File type: PDF | 6,9 mb

Recent discoveries in astronomy, especially those made with info collected by satellites including the Hubble Space Telescope and also the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, have revolutionized the science of cosmology. These new observations offer the possibility that some long-standing mysteries in cosmology may possibly be answered, including such fundamental questions as the ultimate fate of the universe. Foundations of modern cosmology supplies an accessible, thorough and descriptive introduction to the physical basis for modern cosmological theory, from the large bang to a distant future dominated by dark energy. This second edition consists of the newest observational outcomes and supplies the detailed background material required to recognize their implications, with a focus on the particular model supported by these observations, the concordance model. Consistent with the book’s title, emphasis is given to the scientific framework for cosmology, especially the basics concepts of physics that underlie modern theories of relativity and cosmology; the significance of info and observations is stressed throughout. The book sketches the historical background of cosmology, and supplies a review of the relevant fundamental physics and astronomy. After this introduction, both unique and general relativity are treated, before proceeding to an in-depth discussion of the large bang theory and physics of the early universe. The book consists of present study areas, including dark matter and structure formation, dark energy, the inflationary universe, and quantum cosmology. The authors’ web page ( supplies a wealth of supplemental info, including questions and answers, references to other sources, and updates on the newest discoveries.

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