Eric Van Lustbader, “Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Objective”

Eric Van Lustbader, “Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Objective”
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing | ISBN: 0446539813 | edition 2010 | File kind: PDF | 250 pages | 1,15 mb

Lustbader’s cookie-cutter fifth Jason Bourne novel in the Ludlum franchise (after The Bourne Deception) downgrades the title character to a mere co-star with villain Leonid Arkadin, a graduate of the exact same covert training program, who also possesses practically superhuman combat abilities. Bourne and Arkadin’s globe-trotting pursuit of every other drives the primary plot, which consists of yet an additional secret cabal bent on world domination, Severus Domna. The members of Severus Domna have their eye on a ring Bourne possesses that’s a clue to the location of King Solomon’s legendary gold. Arkadin’s use of silly aliases (e.g., Stanley Kowalski, Frank N. Stein) dissipates any effort at realism, while implausible and formulaic side stories involving Soraya Moore, ousted from her position with the CIA, don’t support. Those that don’t mind Bourne’s devolution from the tortured amnesiac soul Ludlum created into a stock action hero will probably be most satisfied.

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