Risale-i Nur Collection by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi – Greatest Books of 20th Century

Risale-i Nur Collection by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (Translator: ?��kran Vahide) – Greatest Books of 20th Century
Sozler Publications | The Words, The Letters, The Flashes (The Gleams), The Rays | Language: English | File type: CHM | 18 mb
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The Words: The Reconstruction of Islamic Belief and Thought
This commentary focuses on how to save and strengthen one��s religious beliefs when confronted with the current prevailing philosophy of materialism.

The Letters: Epistles on Islamic Thought, Belief, and Life
Written by a celebrated Islamic scholar to his students in Turkey after his political exile in 1925, these letters follow the long-established traditions of correspondence between spiritual masters and their students in remote lands. Both expressions of friendship and long-distance tutorials on points of scholarly debate, most of the letters are answers to questions about theology and hold forth on such matters as the nature of hell, the suffering of innocents, the miracles of Prophet Muhammad, and the divine purpose of the universe.

The Flashes (The Gleams): Reflections on Qur’anic Wisdom and Spirituality
The 30 treatises written by this influential Islamic scholar address key issues of humanity, as discussed in the Qur��an, that are equally applicable to modern society. Essays include expositions on nature and its impossibility without the existence of God, the concept of sincerity and why it is a crucial part of Islam practice, and suggested ways for the elderly and sick to treat their ailments while staying true to their religion.

The Rays: An Intellectual Journey in Islamic Belief, Thought, and Life
Providing a framework of Islamic thought for issues raised in modern times, this cornerstone volume offers important insight into matters of belief through a collection of arguments that assert the importance of a renewed faith in today��s world. Stating that belief equals knowledge and that the convictions underlying nonbelief are ignorance and absence of judgment, this spirituality-affirming compendium features essays that introduce the pillars of faith for the Islamic tradition and give a broader understanding of Islam based on the Qur��an. Ultimately hoping to prove the existence and unity of God, this magnum opus is perfect for researchers and students of Islam as well as anyone interested in a broad analysis of the Qur��an and the main tenets of the Islamic faith.
About the Author
Bedi��zzaman Said Nursi was a 20th-century scholar of Islam and philosophy who advocated compatibility of Islamic thought with modernity. He is the author of the Risale-i Nur, a 5,000-page modern commentary on the Qur’an.

Cover images displayed above belong to Huseyin Akarsu’s translation of the same books, not ?ukran Vahide’s.

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